Metal Heritage (2015)

by Dangerous - Thrash Metal

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Erik Gordier
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Erik Gordier Awesome Album. Heavy as fuck Favorite track: Sacrifice.
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Till Smooth ass crispy thrash metal <3 Favorite track: Sacrifice.
Sinistar thumbnail
Sinistar The production of this album is pure heart. All the tracks bleed 80s thrash, and each riff is less and less forgiving. Hit the play button, I dare you! For you will be met with a flurry of brutal drum beats, thunderous flicks of climbing riffs, and vokills that fire on all cylinders. I really can't see how any thrash fan can pass this up. Favorite track: Victims of Hate.
  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Powerful Thrash Metal from Chile, influenced by bands like Deathrow, Violent Force, Exodus, old-Metallica, Kreator, etc.

    CD PRO.
    Comes in a jewel case, with a 8 pages booklet (includes all the lyrics).
    Limited to 500 copies.

    Self produced.

    Music & Lyrics by Dangerous.
    Artwork by Alonso Wiltschek.
    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pablo Clares, at DM6 Studio, Chile.

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Debut album!



released November 24, 2015

Music by Dangerous.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pablo Clares, at DM6 Studio.



all rights reserved


Dangerous - Thrash Metal Santiago, Chile

Formed in 2006, in Santiago, Chile. Influenced by the 80's metal bands.

Current Line Up (L to R):
Daniel Gonzalez - Drums
Carlos Manqui - Lead Guitars
Patricio Valenzuela - Bass
Raúl Carreño - Lead Guitars/Vocals
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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Metal Heritage
We’ve arrived once again so now be forewarned
The friends of hell are meeting here to sate their blood lust
Bonded by thrash and blood, our hearts of steel are burning
No one can stop us now, this battle cry is pounding

Pleasure to kill your dreams in the altar of madness
Evil invaders come to leave this world in darkness
Screaming for vengeance to set the world on fire
We're here to die in pain, spreading the desire

Feeling the endless pain of the total disaster
We're marching into fire searching for our master
Like a phoenix rising from the mountain of the dead
We'll keep this flame forever, we will fight till death
Track Name: Victims of Hate
Raised without any affection, you've never known the meaning of a care
Living in the misery, hating the life to which you've been condemned
They did not care, about your life and if you had the chance
To change your future, that's why now you take your revenge

Bloodstains will be seen!
And your thirst will be sated!

Fighting against the world, go on through your path where you found your fate
No place for the weak, you don't have the chance to make a mistake
This system has failed you, now you are ready to return the pain
Sweet smell of vengeance, destroying their's what they deserve!!

Victims of hate, scenarios of brutality
Victims of hate, decadence of humanity

Raised without any affection, you've never known the meaning of a care
Living in the misery, hating the life to which you've been condemned
You carry over your shoulders, the mark of those who were forgotten at birth
Life is not so beautiful, huh? When you are alone and no one gives you a hand
Track Name: Thrash on the Streets
Back to the action on fire
Impacting the sound in your head
Breaking the law in the streets
Striking the damned fashions

Let’s start the show, no mercy
Hidden in the darkness
They are ready to attack
Taking your life to hell

Screaming in pain you can't escape
Seeding the terror and fear
You’ll feel desire to unite us
The sound of Thrash Metal

Marching with evil and madness
Intoxicated with alcohol
We are the absolute law
Thrash on the street to strike

Fatality will stay in this place
Breaking your face
The march of Thrash on the Street
Brutality will be marching
With the force of Thrash Metal
Track Name: Murderous Tradition
Let's run in circles,
Cause my life I have to defend
From those men who compel you,
To hurt me till death

It's the show that you give
To the unconscious minds
That want to hear, the sound of the whip

More victims are coming
To this circle of pain and death
Where a bunch of fucking assholes
Our agony, they will celebrate

I shit on your stupid traditions
I curse your miserable life
I spit on your patriotism
I hate your bloody existence

I don't want your flag
Burn it to ashes
I don't give a damn
I don't give a damn!
Track Name: Sacrifice
Dark thoughts come to my mind
When I walk alone through the devil's path
I hear the calling of the damned ones
Asking me to join them for a new sacrifice
The victim is ready, the ritual has begun
A virgin's pure body is offered to the gods
Awaiting the signal of the ancient ones
To profane her body and to possess her soul

Possessing her soul!!!

Her screams of pain and tears of fear
Are evoking the shadows, the perdition is near
The knife meets her flesh forming a pool of blood
Her voice is fading out as she is getting cold
The ritual is over, another stolen soul
There lies her body over the altar of blood
As a wilted flower, whose life was taken
She is now resting in pain, cause she has been forsaken
Track Name: Danger's Return
No time to lose
My vengeance’s hour is getting closer
Nowhere to run
Soon your body will be getting colder

Can you feel my rage?
I’m hunting you. I’m the devil’s soldier
There won't be an escape
It’s better to pray cause now begins the slaughter!!!

Danger’s return!
Evil’s heirs are back to crush your beliefs!
Danger’s return!
No mercy, no pain, no remorse!

I can smell your fear
Once my knife has taken over
I want you on your knees
Are you prepared? Cause I will make you suffer

The last thing that you will see
Will be the hatred fire that burns in my eyes
My work is done, my goal complete
A sadistic return, will be now revealed

No one will hear your scream
Your life is in my hands now
Your blood is flooding the street
As your life is fading out
Track Name: Batalla Final
Preparando la batalla final, que está por comenzar
Afilando cuchillos y espadas, para matar
Lucha tormentosa se avecina, y los guerreros defenderán
El honor y orgullo de su pueblo, en batalla sangrienta se decidirá

¡Batalla Final, al invasor masacrar!

Montados en bestias salvajes
Disparando fuego sin piedad
Con brujería y magia negra
Los intentarán acabar

Más de 500 años de batalla
Y no lo han podido dominar
Resistencia pueblo Mapuche
¡Jamás los humillarán!
Track Name: Executioners of Mankind
They come from darkness
From their thrones they rule the world
With the manipulation
Of mass media as well as news

Born as the chosen ones
The men behind the curtain
They're imposing their laws and preparing the war
Controlling our life till we fall

There will be no peace
In this circle of hate
They will prevail over us
It's too late to pray

Our destiny they wrote
Since the day that we were born
There isn’t any chance for us
Cause’ this fight was already lost

It doesn't matter what your beliefs are
Cause they will not give a damn
Almost all has been created
To break down your destiny

Our fight for freedom has begun
Command of chaos
Our fight for freedom has begun
Against the...

Executioners of mankind!!!
Track Name: Running Amok
I wake up in the morning to face a new day
The same dirty streets are leading my way
I'm trapped and lost in this society
I've lost faith in humanity

Senseless existence, no goals in my mind
I try to go on but I’m tired to fight
Dark shadows surround me, they come for my soul
My time has just come, my journey has begun
I'll leave this world but it won't be in vain
I'll take as many lives as I can
When I look into your faces my hate grows inside
A knife and a gun, let the killing start

There won't be tomorrow, there’ll be only sorrow
I'm cleaning the world of its pest
The killing has started, I'm possessed by anger
Now I just have to wait for my end.